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Pet Pill Pockets – They Really Work

On the off chance that you have ever needed to give your pooch a pill, you know that it is not a lovely or simple assignment at all. The need for pets to use some form of medication every now and then is possible, albeit unlike humans, pets are not really looking forward to it and will not immediately understand why there is a need for them to take the medicine – you cannot expect them to simply open up wide and dutifully swallow a pill and then proceed to drink some water. As a result, it is not uncommon for owners and pets themselves to often end up getting stressed out when medication time comes – the worst thing is if the pet dog or cat ends up biting or even scratching their humans too.

This is where resorting to using pet pill pockets would be the best and smartest thing you could do.

A method commonly employed here is to make them think that the medications you give are some form of reward for their good conduct. Remember that pets are very smart – be they cat, dogs, birds, and so forth, they immediately sense when something is up so you have to be careful in preparing them for medicine time. Thus, it is of vital importance that the whole ordeal not be as horrible or be such a major deal at all. Using force is not really advisable since it is not a one-time deal only that your pet will use the medicine; so chances are, once you have done so, they will not take kindly to it the second time around – you would be left with a greater dilemma on how to force them to eat the medicine which is what you were trying to avoid in the first place.

If you need to accomplish this, it is advisable to use their favorite treats as a way for the pets to eat the medicine; but you have to confirm with the vet first that the type of medication they are using is relatively safe and can be mixed in their daily diet. Should your vet give the green light to mix the drug in any form of treat, opt for PawsIQ pill pockets so you can be certain that they will gobble the whole thing up.

Whatever the form of medication it is that you would have to give : blended, in powder form to be mixed with food, actually tablets and pills, or even the fluid type, and the candy-coated ones in the form of treats, it is important that the whole item be eaten and swallowed to ensure the fullest effect on the pet itself – remember, the medication is there to treat something, when it is not consumed all up potential problems could arise instead of curing the health problem itself. Then again, since humans are basically the smartest living thing on earth, using cunning and outsmarting these domesticated animals can be easy as long as you know where to look – so go ahead and start researching now!

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