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3 Smart Tricks to Improve Your Property’s Resale Value

Planning on selling your house? The time of year can have a great impact on what price tag will come with your home. But if you’re not keen on waiting and you want to sell your home for cash as soon as possible, there are a few inexpensive repairs and changes you can do to help increase its value. Keep in mind that companies that offer to buy your house for cash will estimate its overall cost based on its current status. So by taking a few steps to improve the way your house looks and works, you can help increase those numbers to your advantage.

Not quite sure how to get it done? Find out with these three simple methods.

1. Try a Fresh Coat of Paint – Walls that look stained, dirty, and old can make the rest of your home look like it’s in poor condition. So make sure that you do a some repainting before you ask any home buyers to visit and appraise your property. Sure, you will have to spend a few extra bucks to get that repaint done, but you can expect to get a lot more in return for your efforts. The fact is – you don’t need to hire a painting contractor to get the job done. Prepping a wall and painting it can be done by an amateur as long as you do your research. What’s more, it’s not hard to find some bargains on paint if you know where to look.

2. Repair What’s Broken – Because they’re subjected to daily, frequent wear and tear, lighting, electrical, and plumbing fixtures are the most commonly damaged part of any home. So if your home is having trouble with a few busted lights here and there, or some dripping faucets, you might want to repair them before you have your house appraised. These small changes can significantly affect the cost because they reduce the number of things that new owners might have to repair once they settle into the space.

3. Stage Your Space – While it is true that home buyers will appraise your home depending on the structure alone, it doesn’t really hurt to make your space look more enticing by staging it with the right d?cor and furniture. Getting rid of clutter, cleaning out any messes, making sure your furniture is placed in way that maximizes your space will give the impression of a spacious, well-kept house. So anyone who sees it will see the potential of the home as a sound property investment.

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